In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations must remain nimble and able to adjust to ever-changing market conditions quickly.  Establishing, standardizing, and implementing core service delivery processes is a crucial step to adopting an agile mentality.  Best practice frameworks, such as those published by ISO, CMMI, CMMC, ITIL, and PMBOK, help to instill structure and rigor as well as infuse desirable organizational behavior.  Not only do these frameworks enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of operational performance, but they also work to build a culture of exceptional quality and continuous improvement.

One valuable, cost-effective method for providing these capabilities to an organization is to establish an environment that interfaces with and manages the most critical enterprise functions.  We have found that implementing a lightweight, highly organized, and configurable Microsoft SharePoint solution built upon these best practice frameworks streamlines and, in many cases, automates critical business processes.  Add to this a centralized data analytics and management strategy and dynamic visualization capability leveraging Microsoft Power BI, and this holistic approach empowers key stakeholders to make proactive, informed, data-driven business decisions.  Because these tools use best practice frameworks as their foundation, obtaining an external certification such as ISO, CMMI, or CMMC is a straightforward effort. If your organization already subscribes to Microsoft Office 365, then these Microsoft tools can quickly plug right into your daily operations.

Optimize your enterprise capabilities, establish higher standards for execution while smartly scaling up for the future. Take the steps toward obtaining external recognition for certified processes that open the doors for additional business pursuits and more revenue. Revolutionary Solutions is ready to help bring your organization to the next level and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.  For more information on our services, check commercial services or federal services on our website. Contact us at (703) 815-6200 to schedule a meeting.

Randall J. Emory, Partner, Revolutionary Solutions, LLC.