GSA Schedules

Are you in need of a GSA Schedule? Revolutionary Solutions has helped many clients obtain a GSA Schedule across several categories.

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Every GSA Schedule application prepared by Revolutionary Solutions has been awarded.

Let’s first define what a GSA Schedule is.

Also known as the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Program, GSA Schedules are one of the tools used by the federal government to obtain required products or services. GSA Schedule contracts are an ideal vehicle for selling products and services to federal agencies.

Revolutionary Solutions is ready to help you achieve your goal and obtaining your first GSA Schedule.

What are the benefits of having a GSA schedule?

  • Acquisition lead time is reduced
  • Wide selection of state-of-the-art commercial supplies and/or services
  • Schedule orders are not required to be synopsized
  • GSA has already determined schedule prices to be fair and reasonable

To be considered for a Schedule, a company is evaluated against a range of criteria.  This criterion pertains to the government’s specific products or services. First, you must figure out where your products or services belong.

The General Service Administration’s eLibrary website (formerly GSA’s Schedule eLibrary) contains a search engine that will help you determine if your product or services are sold to the Federal Government.

Before applying for a Schedule, you must consider the following:

  • Have you been in business for two years?
  • Have you already sold your product or service in the commercial marketplace?
  • Have you successfully completed at least three major projects or contracts that illustrate your capabilities?
  • Is the Company financially stable?
  • Have you had at least $25,000 in sales during your fiscal year?
  • Has your firm been disbarred from doing business with the Federal Government?

Learn More About GSA Schedules & How They Can Grow Your Business

Applying for a GSA Schedule can come with many benefits. If you’re ready to explore the option and wondering how to get started, please contact us or give us a call at (703) 815-6200 to learn more. We can also help you with every aspect of pricing and proposals, so your proposal submissions to the federal government are the best they can be every time.

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