Opportunities to Improve Your Organization

It takes strong leaders to recognize when a change to the organization is needed.  Before making changes, each leader needs to understand WHY the change is required and the impact that it will have on employees and customers.  If you start making changes without a plan, they can have a major negative impact on your organization instead of a positive change.

There are several ways to improve your organization.  We recommend you approach each change with a “baby step” approach and analyze each step prior to moving to the next. Keep in mind, every organization has employees who are not comfortable with change.  it is important to encourage the team and explain why the organization feels the changes are necessary; communication is the best value added to the employees’ job and to the customer.

Here are some reasons why organizational changes do not go well; avoid making these mistakes.

  • Poor Planning – Take your time to pre-plan prior to jumping in to designing the change.
  • Poor Support from Leadership – Leaders must be at the front line showing active participation.
  • Lack of Communication – Leaders must meet weekly with their teams to provide guidance and exchange information.
  • Poor Role Models – Leaders set the tone for good role models, be sure to lead by positive example in all areas.

Leaders, please understand that being a great Leader is not working at your desk and answering questions, it is walking around and communicating with your team.  It’s an opportunity to learn and provide lessons learned experience.  It only takes a few minutes each day; however, it has a huge impact long term. By providing feedback and recognition, leaders can create a circle of opportunities for their employees and the company.

After you have created your plan and have it in motion, take one more step and measure for success.  Behind each change, there should be a way to measure.  Each change should have a purpose.  There must also be a plan to measure that change and what the benefit is to the organization.

In summary, an organizational change starts at the top but includes every individual to make it successful. Leaders do make a difference, but It is imperative to not lose sight of the employees who support them. Create the environment for success and understand the key is to continue to communicate effectively and often.

Organizational Change Support

Organizational change often requires a lot of communication and typically has many moving parts. If everyone is not on board, it is hard to right the ship. A pre-plan can help you strategize and avoid any pitfalls ahead of time to increase the likelihood of success and a smooth transition.  If you need help creating a pre-plan for organization change, please contact us. Revolutionary Solutions, LLC, has years of experience helping organizations of many sizes navigate these waters. Call us (703) 815-6200 to learn more.

Article by Rosemarie Floyd, Revolutionary Solutions, LLC.