Mentorship through Concerned Citizens Network of Alexandria, Reach and Rise for Excellence Program

Revolutionary Solutions, LLC. (Rev-Sols) was proud to partner with the Concerned Citizens Network of Alexandria (CCNA) to talk to a group of amazing students last month.  Each student is a part of the Reach and Rise for Excellence (RARE) Link Club at Francis C. Hammond Middle School.  The students meet after school, four days a week in the cafeteria, where they focus on mentoring, Academic Achievement (with an emphasis on math and science), leadership development, and cultural education.  There are also resources available on-site to help students with homework and tutoring.

Along with several other community members, Revolutionary Solutions staff members took a few moments to tell the kids a little about who they are and what they do.  After the introductions, the students had the opportunity to choose on their own which mentor(s) they wanted to talk with more.   This approach allowed the students to connect with the volunteer they felt they could relate to best.  After the students spoke with the mentors, they filled out a short form stating which mentor they were interested in meeting with again.  This approach gives the children the power to receive the most benefit from their mentors based on their interests and goals.

It also allowed the mentors to get to know the children better.  We found that many of the children just wanted someone to talk to who would listen and ask questions about THEM.  We enjoyed hearing them discuss their interests and what they envision for their future.  We cannot wait to find out which children the Rev-Sols staff will be mentoring in the future.

CCNA is committed to making a difference and with the support of the community and local businesses, our children will continue to rise for excellence.  Thank you.

Mentoring and Volunteering in Northern Virginia and Alexandria

Revolutionary Solutions, LLC regularly volunteers as mentors in the Northern Virginia community, including Reston and Alexandria. See more ways we give back, and how we serve small businesses and government agencies with government contracting consulting. Contact us or call us at (703) 815-6200 to learn more and set up a meeting.