Revolutionary Solutions was a Supporter for the 2019 Volunteer Alexandria’s annual Community Toy Drive. Each year,  Volunteer Alexandria works with the City of Alexandria to collect toys and games to help a child during the holiday season. The City identified 500+ children in need of toys. It is a great pleasure to be part of a wonderful organization. We need to support the children in the world because they are our future. Seeing a child open a gift on Christmas morning is a wonderful, exciting, precious moment. For all the Supporters, we say, “Thank you.”

The Rev-Sols team enjoyed shopping, laughing, and picking out toys for this fantastic event. One of our members stated, “The joy for me was to pick up a toy and envision how the child would play with the toy while gathered around their friends.”

It is a special feeling to remember when we were young and playing with a favorite toy. Bringing that same feeling of joy to another child is priceless.

We look forward to working closely with Volunteer Alexandria in 2020!