Project Management

Revolutionary Solutions project management support includes helping teams initiate, plan, execute, and complete work to achieve specific project goals. We ensure projects are on target and that there is alignment across teams. We create tools and processes that help achieve project goals and manage any issues.

We utilize a variety of management and administrative procedures to ensure the delivery of high-quality service to our customers. Revolutionary Solutions provides project management training to all managers, in order to familiarize them with corporate policies and procedures, the contract management process, and project control measures. Each of our contracts and subsequent task orders are managed in a disciplined, consistent, and controlled manner. Our team develops a detailed work breakdown structure (WBS) at the start of each contract and task order to forecast workloads. We use project control mechanisms throughout the execution of the project in order to obtain a clear and accurate picture of each project’s progress. We develop a schedule to provide an outline of activities, resources, timelines, and costs associated with the project. This schedule will serve as a baseline where the Project Manager will be able to measure variations to determine success and identify areas needing improvement. The WBS and requirements matrix will supplement the schedule and allow for further measurement during the life of the project.

Our project and contract managers receive continuing education on the latest project management best practices. Our experience includes working with multiple project leaders and multiple projects, we provide the most qualified individuals to your company who have proven experience keeping projects on task.