It was a wonderful sunny day. The Alexandria Central Rotary Club event for Crabs-N-Suds was outstanding! The event was to raise funds for the Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization for Children. Through our strategic partnerships with other charities, we are giving these precious children the help they need.

The Revolutionary Solutions Team was enthusiastic about volunteering and being a part of a wonderful event.  We spent all day eating crabs, enjoying music, and having a great time with friends.  All  while raising money for the kids in our community.  It truly was an amazing day!  After a great afternoon, the Rev-Sol team helped with cleanup and walked to their cars telling stories from the day, grateful the event was a success.

The Alexandria Central Rotary Club is a fantastic organization to join if you are interested in giving back.  More information on the Alexandria Central Rotary Club can be found here

We are always looking for organizations to sponsor.  If you are interested in partnership opportunities, please contact us.