At Revolutionary Solutions, we value volunteer work and want to share with you the meaning of the heart of volunteering. There is a lot about volunteering that you should consider before turning it down. We understand that after a long day at work and keeping up with your already busy lives, it may seem impossible to take out any additional time from your day to help others. However, it is key to remember that volunteering is about service and helping others climb the same ladder that you have been able to climb yourself.

It is essential to understand that volunteering is all about loving people, serving people, and investing in their lives. Volunteering is also about sacrifice, which means that we must be willing to sacrifice our time, energy, and sometimes even our finances. However, it is something we choose to do out of love for others in our community. While volunteering is a commendable act in itself, you should know that you personally have certain benefits that loop back to you in many ways, including your own heart health, which helps you lead a healthier lifestyle and manage stress.

Although volunteering helps you in many ways, it is also important to set expectations for yourself. The saying “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing” also applies to volunteering. Running yourself dry with too many commitments you cannot handle in your schedule is not the answer to better yourself or help others.

There are many different ways to get started with volunteering, including asking around, using the buddy system, attending community events, and taking advantage of the resource opportunities near you. Another good tip that we can offer you is to keep your options open in order to help you find the right fit. There are many different ways that you can volunteer, including offering to help a family; volunteering at your local school: organizing a yard sale for charity; visiting a senior center; coaching a local youth team; tutoring a student; preparing and serving meals to others in need; serving on a community board; volunteering at a hospital, and so many other opportunities.

“The heart of a volunteer is never measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” -DeAnn Hollis

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Article by Brittney Floyd, Revolutionary Solutions, LLC.