At Revolutionary Solutions we have seen many benefits of working together as a team including:

  • Great ideas that come from more than one brain working together
  • Diverse perspectives that help inspire winning innovations
  • Teamwork can make us happier
  • When we work in a team, we grow as individuals while building our personal skills
  • Sharing the workload eases burnout

Having team leaders take the time to know their team helps them grow into a better leader.  It is important to take time to sit with team members to understand their expectations, interest levels, grievances, or any other problems they face in their day-to-day operations. Knowing employees helps managers obtain the best work from their staff; the employees will develop a sense of belonging and empowerment.  Understanding what is important to team members shows that we believe they are valuable and worth knowing. When a leader takes the time to invest in team members on a more personal level it shows concern about who their employees “are,” not just what they “do” for the company.  Taking the time to truly know your team members and showing a real appreciation and understanding of their personalities, wants, needs, and work styles will build a sense of trust and community within your organization.  In turn, everyone will start to feel like “family”, not just a team.

“Team Building is not only about having outings, lunch & dinner together, but it’s more about creating an environment of trust & empowerment where team members can team up to achieve great results together.” – Kamlesh Singh