Revolutionary Solutions had an interesting debate this past week regarding whether podcasts are beneficial for companies. A few of our executive employees expressed that podcasting can be an incredible marketing tool from a business perspective. While it might not work for every type of business, it does work for some. When the podcast is effective, it can harvest great results, including a new audience, increased trust and loyalty, and additional clients and sales rates. Podcasts are simply a marketing tool that can work for a variety of businesses as an educational component for their target audience. Do you know what the best part is? Anyone or any company can do it! For example, If you have a finance firm, you can use podcasting to provide tips on saving money or investing your money in different aspects your company assists with.

Podcasts can also be beneficial for your small town crêpe restaurant explaining how to bake the most delicious breakfasts! Producing a podcast is also easy if you follow these steps:

  • Determine your audience
  • Select a theme and topic for your podcast
  • Choose your podcast length, format, and frequency
  • Obtain podcasting equipment
  • Create your podcast representation

There are many advantages to beginning a podcast, including

  • increased traffic generation
  • Building and maintaining better relationships with the audience
  • Easy and fun for your team to create
  • Podcasts are highly engaging
  • Improves public speaking skills for your employees
  • can result in increased business for your company

Nevertheless, where there are advantages, there are always disadvantages. The disadvantages of podcasting can include the following:

  • Producing a podcast can be time-consuming
  • It may be difficult to disburse your podcast,
  • Limited audience (depending on your industry)

These disadvantages can seem overwhelming, but do they outweigh all the fantastic ways a podcast might be good for your company? Think about it; a podcast is a more personal way to reach new potential customers to understand better your values and how you run the business. Your audience also has more flexibility in how they listen to the podcast. Podcasts allow the audience to listen while doing other things, so the listeners of podcasts have skyrocketed over the years. Podcasts are also great for small businesses because they are much less costly than a TV commercial or even a billboard sign that most drivers don’t read. Another reason why podcasts are great for businesses is the simple fact that you do not need to repeat yourself when speaking to different clients. Each of your podcasts can be on a different topic or service that your company provides, and your clients can listen to your podcast when they have questions.

“You just need one person to listen, get your message & pass it on to someone else. And, you’ve doubled your audience.” – Robert Gerrish

To Podcast or Not to Podcast – What Do You Think?

At Revolutionary Solutions, located in Reston, Virginia, we help government agencies and small businesses with the many-layered process of government contracting. Podcasts can be one way to share your expertise. What do you think about this topic? Do you believe Podcasts are a positive or negative use of company time? Join the conversation on Facebook and LinkedIn and share your opinion. Get in touch with us at (703) 815-6200 to learn more about our government contracting services.