Together We Learn

At Revolutionary Solutions, we strive to empower through education. Recently we wrote an article about helping your team grow as a whole, but a specific way that helps your team grow is by teaming up to learn new tasks and supporting each other to reach the goals to become better versions of ourselves.

Many questions that we commonly receive revolve around “how do we help our employees learn from each other?” Let’s talk about this question more in-depth. There are so many different ways that, as an employer, you can encourage your employees to teach one another. Some ways to start this process are setting up a peer learning program, appointing a facilitator, building a safe environment for free discussion, focusing on real-world situations, and encouraging networking! Within the business world,  it has turned into a competition with your coworkers to get the new job or receive the promotion; we need to get back into the mindset of working together. Working together helps everyone involved improve their education to be a better asset in the office.

Another thing to keep in mind is some coworkers may not know they need additional education. Performance reviews are extremely helpful to your employees to understand where they need to grow and improve in their work style. It is crucial for businesses  to tell employees which skills the organization needs and expects in the coming years. Most employees choose from among those skills and work on them because they want to be of maximal use to their company with the competitive nature that most businesswomen and men have.

Lastly, it is important to schedule time for reflection through peer coaching. Amid a busy day, finding time for learning can feel like a heavy load. With so many tasks to handle, workers naturally put off that learning, but it is vital for your company to make time to educate and advance your team members. Remember, there are many different programs like Skillsoft that can help your team advance themselves and the company. Remember to create a company university that provides training, certifications, and small monthly class meetings to empower through education!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

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Ensuring every employee has a development plan and is learning new skills is critical to their personal success and your organization’s success. But how do you create an organization that prioritizes coaching, mentorship, and professional development? Request a meeting with Revolutionary Solutions, LLC, based in Reston, Virginia, or contact us for more information. We welcome the opportunity to learn from one another!

Article by Brittney Floyd, Revolutionary Solutions, LLC.