Challenges – From CEO’s view

Over the last month, we have facilitated several meetings with CEOs, who head companies ranging from small business startups to larger corporations.  Interestingly, we found that everyone seems to be having the same problem within their organization; how do we find and retain good employees?

Recruiting is not an easy task.  It takes skills and keen perception to capture the right employee.  Once you find the right candidate, you must sell them on the position and your company.  If the candidates come on board, the organization must create an environment where employees have a feeling of pride and personal ownership in what they do.

As leaders of the company, ensure you set the tone and culture you want your employees to follow.  This can be a difficult task.   It takes good communication and collaboration with executive management throughout the entire company.

It is important to hire candidates who have a positive attitude, and who can see a world of opportunities. Look for employees who are searching for a company that can enhance their dreams, goals, and education to reach the next level of their life.

Hire candidates who communicate well and arrive on time and prepared for the interview.  The ideal candidate will have already researched your company, understand the job requirement, and will be able to answer your questions clearly and concisely.

Look for candidates who shake your hand and make eye contact as they introduce themselves to you.

The company recruiter should take time to read and analyze each resume for spelling, proper grammar, experience, achievements, and work history.  If a candidate changes job frequently, they are most likely not going to stay with your company long term.  The interviewer should be prepared to ask several questions related to work history, experience, and their passion.  You can learn a lot from the questions you ask, and even more from how the candidate responds.

Take your time finding the right person for the job. It is advised to interview several candidates.  Remember, you want to find the candidate that shares the same values as the organization. Employees who have the same goals work well together. Creating documented processes and procedures within your organization will help new employees as they come on board.  All employees are nervous when starting a new job; it is our responsibility to make them feel welcome on their first day of employment.  Having processes and documentation ready to hand a new hire helps guide them through the organization and creates an environment to capture them for the long term.

Revolutionary Solutions can support you in writing processes and procedures to document workflow.  These processes will assist you in your recruiting process, new hire orientation, and can also be helpful with existing employees to help smooth line and promote the goals of your organization.

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