One month ago, our country was a very different place. We could come and go as we please. Many people went into an office, a store, or somewhere else away from their homes for work each day. On Sundays, many gathered for different religious services. The weather was turning warmer and families were beginning to plan for Spring Break and Summer Vacations. One month ago, I never would have thought we would be where we are today. When COVID-19 made its way to our country, everything changed drastically…. Less than one month ago. It is safe to say that everyone is faced with trying to navigate our “new normal.” Many families have lost their income, while others live in fear each day that their loved ones who must continue to work with the public will come down with this virus. We do not know if we will ever return to life exactly the way it was pre-pandemic.

There are some positives to our new reality. Stories of human kindness are shared every day on the news and through social media. Many families are spending time talking, playing games, going outside, taking walks and really connecting with each other. Friends are holding virtual happy hours and schools are holding virtual classes. Even in the face of this pandemic, America will prevail.

We also have a new group of Heroes.  Medical Professionals go in to work every day the same way a firefighter goes in to fight a fire.  They are armed with masks instead of water.  They work tirelessly to save lives and to help those who are ill know that they are not alone.  In a time when many hospital patients cannot have visitors, it is the staff that plays the part of the friends and family who cannot visit.  We are grateful for the timeless hours spent caring for our loved ones; time they could be spending with their own families.  Thank you to the teachers who found new and innovative ways to keep our children learning and engaged.  Thank you to the grocery store workers who made sure we have food…. and toilet paper!  Also, thank you to the parents who found themselves forced to play teaching assistant while trying to work from home so they could continue to support their families.  We appreciate all of you!

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