Have you heard of System for Award Management (SAM) and thought maybe you should try it? SAM is a streamlining process that helps doing business with the government more efficient. There is talk around the business world on who should use SAM and how to navigate through all of the extraordinary information that SAM provides. SAM is used by anyone who associates in the business of the Federal Government. This could mean many different things, including: “Entities (contractors, federal assistance recipients, and other potential award recipients) who need to register to do business with the government, look for opportunities or assistance programs, or report subcontract information; Government contracting and grants officials responsible for activities with contracts, grants, past performance reporting and suspension, and debarment activities; and Public users searching for government business information”. Although SAM has a plentiful amount of information that may seem overwhelming, it is organized in an orderly fashion where you can find anything you might need to search for with only a few clicks. It has a User Guide as well. Familiarize yourself with the Banner, the Navigation Bar, and the Back Button.

The Banner is found at the top of every SAM.gov webpage. For those of you who do not already know, this is the spot where you can log in and out of the system and return to the home page. Next, we have the Navigation Bar, located on every screen page along the top of your computer screen. The Navigation Bar can direct you to various pages, including SAM Homepage, Search Records, Data Access, Check  Status (for the SAM Status Tracker), About, and Help pages! Finally, we have the Back Button, which may end up being your favorite button of all if you are someone who finds themselves clicking away without truly knowing where you are trying to navigate. You may find yourself getting frustrated with other sites when using the back button on your web browser because it rarely gets you back to the particular screen you were hoping to reach. With SAM, this is never an issue! When you are using SAM, the back button is disabled on your web browser because they have a “previous” button in the navigation bar.  This button allows you to switch from page to page without questioning whether the previous button will get you back to the same page you were viewing; this previous button is formed after each click the user makes. The Navigation Bar allows you to access different sections of SAM, including search records, data access, check status, about key information, and a help tab where you can access User Guides, FAQs, informational videos,  and external resources. Revolutionary Solutions has experts that can show you the way through the System for Award Management website. Contact us now, and we will set you up with one of our experts today!

Brittney Floyd, Revolutionary Solutions, LLC.