Regulatory Links

Being successful with Government Contracting, also referred to as GOVCON, is partially dependent on the knowledge and utilization of many laws and regulations.  It is important for the GOVCON professional to have a good working knowledge of the laws, regulations, and other sources of guidance and support. Listed below are some helpful sites to refer to:

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is the primary source for the commercial contracting community. The following link is a free resource to view the UCC:

The Federal Acquisitions Regulation (FAR) contains the principal set of rules in the Federal Acquisition Regulations System. The purpose of the FAR is to provide uniform policies and procedures for acquisition. The website listed below provides the rules and regulations for your reference:

There is also a link to purchase a print copy of the FAR from the Government Printing Office.  You can also purchase a print copy from other sources.  One important tip is to ensure the price you pay for the print copy includes all updates, delivered in a timely manner.  Likewise, when you refer to the FAR online, be sure you are using a reputable site and check to ensure you are looking at the most up to date information.

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) is the government agency responsible for auditing the Department of Defense.  They also provide accounting and financial advisory services to other government agencies as well.  Below is a link to their website:

Defense Security Service (DSS) is tasked with facilitating personnel security investigations.

There are many government regulations for businesses who want to be involved with GOVCON.  These regulations are ever changing.  Keeping up to date is more challenging than it has ever been.  On top of federal regulations, remember there are state and local laws and regulations that must be followed.

If you have any questions regarding Federal, State, or local regulations, please contact us.

These body of laws, is subject to continual review, refinement, and revision in order to keep up with the changes in business technological and government contracting.