Acquisition / Contracts Management

Acquisition/Contracts Management

Revolutionary Solutions assists in day-to-day acquisition and contracts management operations and provides advice and recommendations as needed. This includes but is not limited to, acquisition plans, technical requirements, alternative approaches, strategies, risks, contracting methods, competition, sources, and cost. We have the experience you need to assist with or generate acquisition strategy documentation per the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and all applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

Through our years of experience, we fully understand the nuances of each phase of the acquisition lifecycle. We know how the activities, documents, and deliverables of each phase relate to each other. Additionally, we will leverage our experience and lessons learned to provide efficiencies to our clients in throughout the entire acquisition lifecycle.

Our team provides the following support:

Acquisition Management

  • Prepare and maintain contracts, specifications, and service agreements
  • Coordinate structured solicitation activities
  • Develop contract specifications and scope of work
  • Perform contract administration duties
  • Research and analyze contract terms and conditions
  • Research and analyze procurement laws and regulations
  • Prepare task order award/modification/closeout documents
  • Analyze procurement packages for completeness

Contract Management

  • Conduct pre-and post-award activities
  • Perform recurring and developmental contracting assignments
  • Analyze bids or proposals for responsiveness
  • Monitor contractor performance
  • Review contract files for completeness and closure
  • Manage subcontractor performance
  • Provide contract closeout support, to include financial review, analysis, and reconciliation of contract financial records (accounting, paying, and reporting systems, contractor records and contract files) to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Prepare, negotiate, and administer various contract agreements and the interpretation of contractual language and provisions
  • Draft Agreements

Revolutionary Solutions leads strategic procurements, business acquisitions, complex negotiations, and problem resolution.

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